Step into the captivating world of Manoj George, an exceptional Indian violinist and composer celebrated for his remarkable contributions to music. With a staggering 3000 global concerts under his belt, Manoj has left an indelible mark as the conductor, solo violinist, and arranger of three Grammy Award-winning albums, notably “Winds of Samsara” in 2015 and “Divine Tides” in 2022 as the Best New Age Albums and “Divine Tides” as the Best immersive Audio Album in 2023.

Manoj George seamlessly merges western and Indian music genres, introducing contemporary styles to the violin. His compositions, spanning genres like Indian Ragas, blues, Latin, and Rock, have earned him acclaim, including a nomination at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards and a Silver Medal from the Global Music Awards. In 2009 he established the “Manoj George school of Music” to impart his musical expertise to the forthcoming generations.

Beyond the stage, Manoj is a dedicated humanitarian and philanthropist, channelling his artistry for causes close to his heart. From composing “Burning Love” for Pope Francis to representing India at the World Military Games, his impact extends far beyond the realm of music. He has also rendered his talent as a music composer for National and International award winning Indian regional feature Films. As a mark of global recognition presently he is the Brand Ambassador for YAMAHA (Japan) Violins in India.



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4Strings Fusion Band

Experience the fusion world of ManojGeorge 4Strings, where every note tells a story.

ManojGeorge 4Strings, led by the renowned violinist and composer Manoj George, is a global fusion sensation. The band seamlessly blends Indian melodies with various genres, creating captivating music that resonates and transcends borders.

Perfect for corporate events, festivals, and college fests, they epitomize fusion excellence. Their music, transcending wisdom, speaks to the soul.


Internationally renowned violinist and Music Composer

3000+ Performances

Performed in diverse venues, & collaborated with music legends globally

100+ Awards

Won numerous awards and accolades for film compositions, worldwide

Shaping Global Talents

Founder of ‘Manoj George School Of Music’


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